"The puzzle of how to make swimming easier and more enjoyable to master is still deeply fascinating to me and I consider myself incredibly fortunate that, over 30 years after I began coaching, I still wake up every morning excited about teaching and coaching swimmers." - Terry Laughlin



About Mauritius

According to the tourist information, Mauritius is, “a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean with a contrast of colours, cultures and tastes makes the island so charming that the scene is set for a holiday”.  This pretty much sums up the experience you will get.  That combined with the warm welcome you will get from Mauritians.

The camp will be based at Péreybère Beach in the north of the island and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius offering excellent swimming conditions. It has a calm lagoon that makes it ideal for a swimming camp. 

Check out this short uTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FXGU3aO-qEwww.tourism-mauritius.mu.

About Coach Georgie

The camp will be lead by Coach Georgie who is a Total Immersion Master Coach and has been qualified and teaching for 8 years. Over this time Georgie has helped hundreds of swimmers reach their goals.  Specialising in “adult onset” swimmers who would like to swim in open water and triathlons.

Georgie has 3 full Ironman events under her belt as well as competing at the Half Ironman World Champs in Clearwater in Florida in 2009 and the World Long Distance Triathlon Champs on Germany 2010.  More recently her interests have turned to long distance swimming and she has completely several open water races including the iconic Bell Buoy Challenge.  She has also competed at 2 SA Masters Long Course Championships and medaled in the 3km OW.  Her goal is a solo English Channel Swim.

2008 – New Paltz – Initial Coach Training with Terry Laughlin
2009 – St Lucia, Caribbean – Assistant Coach at OW swimmers camp with Terry Laughlin
2012 – Windsor London – Coach Training lead by Terry Laughlin
2013 – Antalya, Turkey – Lead Coach OW swimmers camp with Master Coach, Matt Hudson
2013 – Windsor London – Assistant Coach at Coach Training Level 2 with Terry Laughlin
2015 – St John, US VI – Assistant Coach at OW swimmers camp with Terry Laughlin

Tuition Fees

Early bird booking - €650 per person (before 1 March 2017)
Booking after 1 March -  €700 per person
South African residents – R6000 per person

What’s Included

  • Expert swim instruction and video analysis
  • Special TI gift and logo cap
  • Great memories and long lasting friendships!

What’s not included

  • Travel costs
  • Food, Drinks and Accommodation
  • Race entry

What to Expect

Our camps are designed to provide you with a refreshing balance of training, rest, and pleasure. The camp is 5 days, composed of training in sea, discussion on land, and exploring marvelous water. There are usually one or two swim sessions each day, with 2 hours set aside for each training session. That time can be broken up into different activities, focus, and rest times depending on the needs and interests of the group.

We recognize that in the big picture of physics and physiology comfort in the body and mind precede Efficiency, and Efficiency precedes higher Performance. So we guide our swimmers along the skill progression that respects this development process. Our training plan takes each swimmer through these three stages:

  1. Review the fundamental swimming and thinking skills.
  2. Identify each swimmer’s highest priority personal improvement points.
  3. Then imprint the improvements and expand the related skills.

In addition, in our training sessions we will blend stroke skills with open-water skills, according to the needs and interests of swimmers in our group:

  • Stroke control
  • Pace control
  • Group swimming dynamics (cooperative and competitive)
  • Navigation
  • Mental control, endurance, and enjoyment

This is a technique-focused camp, teaching you to swim in open water with greater ease and flow, which allows you to swim long distances utilizing thousands of effortless uninterrupted strokes. Our camp is perfect for triathletes seeking to exit the water fresh and ready for the bike.

Do I qualify to participate in the training?

This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate swimmers seeking Total Immersion instruction in the open water. Our philosophy is Kaizen swimming; creating continuous improvement by setting your intention to improve one swim skill at each session.

It is highly recommended that attendees be able to swim 400 yards/meters comfortably to obtain the greatest benefit from this open water experience and have some familiarity with the Total Immersion drill sequence using balance, streamline, and propulsion.

Your doctor would recommend that you attend this camp (meaning, you have no medical conditions that would make swimming dangerous).

Family and Non-swimmers

In most cases, it may be quite appropriate to bring your family along to enjoy the time with you. Family members are welcome to be at the beach with us during training times. We love to have a cheering section.

Youth Swimmers

We encourage families to be together and even learn TI together. Because of the nature of our training environment (wild water) and the nature of our training approach (mindful), we will consider accepting eager students starting from around 12 to 18 years old under these conditions:

  • One parent is also participating in our training camp, as a swimmer.
  • The student already knows how to swim (in a pool, at least) comfortably at least 200 meters continuously.
  • This student is seriously interested in developing better technique (versus ‘just swimming’)
  • This student already has some positive exposure to TI.
  • The student wants to learn TI as much or more than his/her parent wants them to.

Nando's Royal Life Saving Society Open Water Swim – 30 April 2017

One of the aims of the camp will be to prepare swimmers, if they choose, for this iconic open water race. 

Staged in Pereybere, Mauritius, this quiet beachside town in the North of the Island is home to the Nando's Royal Life Saving Society Open Water Swim.

2017 sees the 42nd edition of the open water swim from Pereybere to Grand Baie. This is the 7th year that Nando's and Coke are supporting the 3.8km Swim & the 4th year in which they are both supporting the 1.6km Swim.

Approximately 450 swimmers & spectators attend/participate in this event from all parts of the Island and Internationally. This event is a favourite among swimmers and athletes alike across Mauritius and is also the largest swimming event in Mauritius!

The day begins with the 1.6km swim (1 Lap) through the beautiful clear water of Pereybere. Followed by the 3.8km open water swim through the turquoise waters from Pereybere to Grand Baie.

Here is the link to the 2016 event, http://roag.co.za/eventinfo.aspx?EventID=1774.  The 2017 will be posted shortly.  Mauritius is a tropical island and things happen a little more slowly than in Europe or the US.  In the unlikely event that the event does not take place the camp organizers will arrange a timed, measured swim.   

Provisional Camp Schedule (subject to minor revisions)

Start-End Times

Our official START time will be 16:00 on the first day. We will make our greetings and introductions, and pass out camp materials.

Our official END time will be after graduation on the evening on the final evening.
Our guests may come from any corner of the world. We understand the challenges of finding suitable flights. It is OK with us to arrive a little late or leave a little early if necessary (though we cannot offer discounts on the fees for this).

Daily Schedule

If the weather is hot and the water is warm, we will have our first practice at 7h00 to 9h00.  If it is more suitable, we will have our first practice session at 08h00 to 10h00.
Our afternoon sessions are typically around 15h30 once the sun is lower in the sky.

Weekly Schedule

First of all, our schedule and agenda is completely customized to the needs and interests of the group of swimmers we have for each event. We may change it to make things better for everyone.  There is also free time scheduled in to explore and enjoy Mauritius with fellow campers or non swimming family.

This is our general weekly schedule for this 5 day camp:

  • Tuesday 25 April - Day 1
    • Morning: Greetings & Introduction
    • Afternoon: Video shoot
    • Evening: Video analysis
  • Wednesday 26 April - Day 2
    • Morning: Skill session - beach
    • Afternoon: Skill session – beach
    • Evening: Social event
  • Thursday 27 April - Day 3
    • Morning session, afternoon session - beach
  • Friday  28 April - Day 4
    • All day boat excursion with swimming opportunities
  • Saturday 29 April - Day 5
    • Morning: video shoot
    • Afternoon: free
  • Sunday 30 April - Day 6
    • Morning Race – for those who would like to challenge themselves
    • Afternoon: free
    • Evening: Video feedback and camp wrap up and goodbyes

Please note swim times may change based on weather, water conditions, or other unforeseeable reasons.


There is a wide variety of accommodation available on Mauritius to suit all tastes and budgets.  The camp HQ will be at Casa Florida, Pereybere. 

All camp participants are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements. Lodging and meals are not included in the cost of the camp.

Please note the location of your hotel or home rental and the distance to the Pereybere Beach prior to booking.


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) International Airport is the main international airport in Mauritius. It is approximately 60kms southeast of the capital city of Port Louis and 80kms from Péreybère.

There are car rentals and taxis available or hotels may also run shuttle services.

Cancellation Policies

Student Cancellation Policy

A non refundable * (see organizer cancellation policy) of €100 is required to secure your place.  There is a maximum of 8 swimmers per workshop per coach. 

In the very likely event that there are more that 8 participants then additional TI coaching staff will be brought in.  It is difficult to ascertain exact numbers however, other open water camps normally attract between 15 and 25 swimmers.

Bookings and more information contact georgie@totalimmersionsa.co.za


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