Why does an Olympic swimmer make swimming look so easy and graceful? Terry Laughlin, the founder of TI swimming, developed the "Rule of Two Percent" after 17 years of coaching. It says that about one person in fifty has the natural ability to swim fluently - the other 98% follow our instincts and struggle unnecessarily.


Port Elizabeth, Fourways and Cape Town  (other locations on request)

If you have never felt comfortable in the water ... if you've had frustration with other lessons ... if you've thought you could never learn to swim well ... with Total Immersion you could be relaxed and confident in a matter of hours. A workshop will take you through the latest Total Immersion techniques covering in detail the drill sequences and how to build to full stroke. You will learn how to master balance, streamlining as well as effortless swimming.

1 Day “Essential Skills” Freestyle Workshops

This new workshop is based on learning’s Georgie gained at a coach training camp in the US Virgin Islands in January and the latest workshop curriculum as prescribed by TI US.

Over the course of 6 hours we will take you through the drill sequence of Total Immersion “Essential Skills” with the coach explaining each element, demonstrating and then practice sessions on land and in the pool.

The 6 hour workshop starts with balance and streamlining before building to full stroke and breathing using the very latest teaching techniques and will include video analysis with individual feedback. The workshops are literally ‘hands-on’ with the coach spending much of the workshop in the pool with the swimmers. This workshop is designed for swimmers who are wanting to improve their efficiency, distance and speed. For  those interested in open water and triathlon swimming the aim will be to give you the skills you need for ease and speed during the swim and save you energy for the bike and run. Videos are taken of each participant at the start and end of the workshop and feedback given. The workshop also includes a training programme with progression from the drills to continuous swimming.

The cost of this workshop is R1700 per person with a maximum of 8 people per workshop.

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The cost of a 1 day “Essential Skills Workshop”  is R1700 per person.

NB! These “Essential Skills”  workshops are designed for swimmers who can swim at least 50 meters without stopping . Any stroke, any style and any standard is fine, the main thing is that swimmers can get into the pool and put their heads in the water. Fitness in either swimming or other activities is also not a requirement. If you are not sure please contact Coach Georgie directly.

Refresher for TI Alumni

A Refresher Workshop is for anyone who has previously attended a TI Workshop. The content of these workshops various depending on the coach but essentially reviews the drills, the whole stroke and includes video footage. Contact Georgie for workshops in Port Elizabeth, Fourways and Cape Town.

Remote Follow-up Analysis

If you have completed a workshop and not able to get to a TI coach for follow-up then we are able to offer a remote follow-up service.  Send us a video clip of your swimming and Coach Georgie will send a written report with suggestions for practice.  I write them a report and the option of a tailored programme for a month (8 sessions).

The cost is R200 for the analysis and R250 for analysis and a programme.


TI Master Coach, Georgie is based in Port Elizabeth and various group offerings are available under her watchful eye at Profiles Club.

For information about any of these offerings, times and costs contact, georgie@totalimmersionsa.co.za

These sessions will be much more like the ‘squad’ type sessions that you have probably seen before. We will however, be approaching it from a TI perspective and each group will have a mix of swimming, drills and focal points.  This is for swimmers that who can swim multiple lengths, preferably TI alumni but not exclusively.  The aim will be to increase speed and ease for open water and triathlon swimming.  We will be covering at least 1.5km in these sessions they will be focused on various points of techniques.  The aim will be to develop both ease and speed preparing you specifically for your open water triathlon goals. (membership of Profiles Gym is not required for these sessions). The programme will be geared towards the main triathlon races (70.3 East London and Durban and Ironman Port Elizabeth) as well as the open water races (Ocean Series, 3 Beaches, Marina Martinique Series).

The aim will be fun, fitness, health and happiness in this primarily freestyle class for anyone who can swim at least a length.  We will work intensively on balance, streamlining and breathing skills and technical aspects of the stroke and build fitness along the way. The sessions will be made up of a mixture drills and short swims and will build on workshop skills. 

These 1 hour monthly skills clinics delivery by Coach Georgie to supplement the group sessions. Different topics for those signed up for group sessions but would like to learn very specific skills the TI way.

  • Catch magic
  • Better Breaststroke
  • Pool turns
  • Breathing
  • Tempo training
  • 2 beat kick

This is a new service we would like to offer to all swimmers. This is a 1 hour individual session where video will be taken followed by discussion and a written report focusing on opportunities for improvement. This session is for any swimmer whether they swim as part of Total Immersion or not. Book these sessions with Georgie.

The cost is R350 for current Total Immersion Swimmers who have completed a workshop and/or are currently signed up for group sessions or R450 for others.

These are open water sessions on the Ironman South Africa official swim course off Hobie beach in Port Elizabeth. 

This course includes three open water swims starting with the basics of open water safety and orientation and progressing to a longer continuous swim.  The primary aim is build skills and confidence for novice open water swimmers under the guidance of fully trained and highly experienced Total Immersion coaches. 

For information about any of these offerings, times and costs contact, georgie@totalimmersionsa.co.za

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