July, 2017

Check out the workshop schedule for workshops in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Gauteng. We will help you prepare for open water swims in any conditions with TI coaches who know what it feels like to once fear the swim ....

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Dear Georgie, I’ve just returned from my IM Austria trip ... and boy oh boy did I enjoy the swim ... 25 minutes faster than SA in April (that’s just the swim), almost half an hour faster on the bike… but I bailed a bit on the run ...
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Swim better than you ever dreamed possible with Total Immersion ...

:: Would you love to feel great when swimming - not just occasionally, but every time?

:: Would you love to know exactly how to improve - not guesswork, but guaranteed?

:: Would you love to make continuous improvement as long as you are swimming?

Total Immersion (TI) is the world's most respected swim-improvement programme, famed for teaching a special relation with the water. TI students learn to swim like fish and love the water, while traditional instruction teaches 'survival swimming'.

Why does an Olympic swimmer make swimming look so easy and graceful? Terry Laughlin, the founder of TI swimming, developed the "Rule of Two Percent" after 17 years of coaching. It says that about one person in fifty has the natural ability to swim fluently - the other 98% follow our instincts and struggle unnecessarily.

The key to faster swimming is understanding that each time we enter the water, we bring with us all our human traits and habits and instincts.

Total ImmersionTM is the only place to learn cutting-edge techniques of active streamlining. A great experience with TI means you become efficient and effortless:

Total Immersion Can Teach Anyone! Whether you're new to swimming or have years of experience, Total Immersion can provide you with all the tools you need to become the best swimmer you can be. Swimmers - even those who have been frustrated for years - have seen their swimming improve dramatically (average improvement in stroke efficiency is 20%) in just a few hours. We speed up the learning curve by ...

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If you have never felt comfortable in the water ... if you've had frustration with other lessons ... if you've thought you could never learn to swim well ... with Total Immersion you could be relaxed and confident in a matter of hours.

Total ImmersionTM workshops will take you through the latest Total Immersion techniques covering in detail the drill sequences and builds to full stroke. These workshops offer a foolproof approach to teaching!

You will learn how to master balance, piercing the water as well as effortless swimming.

The following workshops are on offer:

1 Day - video analysis, drill sequence both in pool & on land.
Learn to Swim
- learn good balance, streamlining and good technique from the start.
Group Practice – practice with likeminded swimmers.

Introduction to Open Water for Triathlon - This is for novice triathletes new to open water.

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